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as of Dec 18, 2015

Below are some short films that I participated in to some extent:


This won America's Funniest Home Videos' first ever short film contest and was aired on AMC around Halloween.

How Not To Do Things

There were a series of short films called "How Not To Do Things", of which I was in the three below.

How Not To Tie Your Shoes

How Not To Open A Door

How Not To Play Poker


I not only produced this, but I directed a few of the scenes and make a couple of nice cameo appearances.
This an extended pilot presentation of a comedy series about the insanity of the rock and roll industry. Festervision is the brain-child of Tex Wall who is the creator/showrunner.

USF: Ultimate "Super" Frisbee

I produced/edited this for a friend of mine as a birthday gift and the "Share the Air" contest. Unfortunately, DC wouldn't sign off on the use of the characters. I wish the quality was a little better, but I didn't upload this and I'm not sure where the master file is.